For-Profit vs Nonprofit and Government Ownership

Understanding Nonprofit and Government Ownership: Evidence from Nursing Homes in the COVID-19 Pandemic, R&R at the Journal of Law and Economics

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Income Inequality and Public Choice 

Melo, V., & Miller, S. (2022). Estimating the Effect of Rent Seeking on Income Distribution: An Analysis of US States and Counties. Public Choice, 1-16. 

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Gasoline Regulation

Self-Service Bans and Gasoline Prices: The Effect of Allowing Consumers to Pump Their Own Gas, Forthcoming at the Journal of Policy Analysis and Management

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The Americans with Disabilities Act

ADA to Ph.D.? The Americans with Disabilities Act and Educational Attainment (with Nicholas Reinarts), Public Choice, 2023

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Proposing an Index of Rent Seeking

Improvements in the Measurement of Rent Seeking: A Synthetic Matching Approach (With Elijah Neilson), Public Choice, 2023

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Causal Effects of Vaccine Mandates

The Effects of Vaccine Mandates on Covid-19 Cases, Deaths, and Vaccine Uptake. (With Dorothy Chebet and Elijah Neilson)

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Political Economy of Healthcare Regulation

Why Are Nursing Homes so Heavily Regulated? The Effects and Political Economy of Certificate-of-Need Laws. (With Elijah Neilson)

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Discrimination in Online Markets

Do Black Sellers Get Fewer Offers and Lower Prices Than White Sellers? Evidence From a Field Experiment. (With Elijah Neilson) 

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Nursing Home Isolation Measures

Intended and Unintended Effects of Nursing Home Isolation Measures

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A Field Experiment on Immigration Policies and Discrimination

Xenophobia or Immigration Policies? A Field Experiment on Employment Discrimination of High-Skilled Workers (with S. Michael Gaddis, Liya Palagashvili, Michael D. Farren, and Chris Kaiser)

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Minimum Wage Laws and Discrimination

Minimum Wage Laws and Employment Discrimination: A Field Experiment (with David Neumark, Liya Palagashvili, Chris Kaiser, and Michael D. Farren).

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